Art Topics


Emitter Tool

The emitter tool is an in-game particle effects editor. You can use it to create your own particle systems, or edit existing particle systems.


Lighting Preview

A tool for previewing real-time lighting changes in the game.


Dappled Shadows

Dappled shadows are detailed shadows textures that can simulate shadows moving across a character walking under foliage. This document describes how you can make your own dappled shadow textures and use them in the game.


Farplane Guide

A description of how to set the �farplane�. The farplane is used to improve performance by preventing objects in the far distance from drawing.


Global Lighting

This document describes how to set position and color of the game�s real time light. In most cases it�s used to simulate sunlight.


LOD overrides

Describes how to override the default selection of texture LODs (mipmaps).


LOD Calculator (Excel Worksheet)

An Excel worksheed which can be used to calculate how many triangles to use for each LOD.


CreatingDecal Material

Describes how to use the decal material tool.


Art Practices

Guidelines that MOHPA artists used when creating the game.


Jump Heights

Useful documentation for determing how to make models that can be jumped over.


Mounted Weapons

Information on how to place mounted weapons in the game.


Coordinate Spaces

A diagram that shows the MOHPA coordinate system relative to other coordinate systems.



A list of available �meta-materials� in the game.


Collision Geometry

Some guidelines on creating collision geometry for models.


Sun Flares

Useful information for creating and modifying sun flares.