Sunflares Quick How-To


Sunflares now consist of two parts a background flare and a foreground flare.There are also some variables associated with occlusion culling for the flares


Variables associated with each are as follows:


r_drawflares � turns on and off the display of flares

r_flare_size = specifies the size of the flare default = 3000

r_flare_fade � how quickly to fade the flare when changing visibility (not visible<->visible)

r_flare_back_size � size of flare drawn in the background

r_flare_show_occlusion � shows the occlusion sphere that is used to calculate visibility of the sun, default is 0 (off)

r_flare_occlusion_scale � scales the size of the occlusion sphere. Default = 8.0

r_flare_back � name of material (xmat) to use for background flare.For Example, this can be specified in Radiant as flare_back with value of �1_0_sunflare_back�


If no material is specified for the r_flare_back variable, the game appends the string �_back� to the flares material that was specified in Radiant and searches for that .xmat file to use for the background flare material.If this material is not found, the background flare defaults to using the front flares material.If none of these materials exists, you will get a default missing texture for the sunflare.