MOHPA AI Jump up and over specifications


While it�s difficult to define clearance standards for these animations, a lot can be learned from observing the key-frames of the animation: the jump, the clearance, and then land.� From these pictures, please create your jump-over objects accordingly.


Special notes:

All units are �square�� -- meaning that the length of the object being jumped is equal to its height.�

The exceptions to this square rule are the higher jump-down heights (96 and 128)


32 g.u.




40 g.u.




48 g.u. (best size for run-and-hop-over)





64 g.u.









96 g.u. (jump down only)����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 128 g.u. (jump down only)






Jump Down:

            Distance to edge: 32 units

            Distance beyond edge: 40 units

Total jump length: 70 units (32 + 40)



Jump Over:

            Distance to edge: 48 units

Distance beyond other side edge: 48 units

Total jump length: 48 + obstacle_width + 48


Ex 1:

 Obstacle is 32 units wide/tall.  Pathnode should be placed 48 units away from the edge of the object.  The actor will jump from the pathnode position, over the obstacle, and land 48 units past the edge of the obstacle.  The entire jump is 128 units long (48 + 32 + 48).


 Obstacle is 48 units wide/tall.  Pathnode placed 48 units away from the edge of the object.  The entire jump is 144 units (48 + 48 + 48).


Jump Up:

            Distance to edge: 40 units

            Distance beyond edge: 32 units

            Total jump length: 72 units (40 + 32)