Picmip and Piclod Overrides


Picmip Overrides


Picmip overrides are done through a file in called �data\picmip_override.csv� located in �main\pak0.rez�. It is recommended that only lowercase letters with forward slashes �/� are used.




The format of the file is a number of entries, each entry of the form:






The first column is either the directory name relative to �main�, a specific file name relative to main.


The second column is the picmip override relative to whatever r_picmip is set to. For example, the number above is 1. If r_picmip is also set to one, then the picmip setting for the assets in the chiha director are 1 + 1 = 2. So a 1024x1024 asset in that directory will be knocked down by two picmip levels, which is 1024 / 2 / 2 = 256.


The third column is the maximum dimension the asset can be. This can be left empty, set to 0 or set to 2048 if no maximum is to be specified. The texture loader code will basically add in the required picmip setting to reduce dimensions to fit if necessary. Note: this feature is not currently implemented.


Order is Important


The system is very simple; every entry that can match a texture is applied in order. As an entry is applied it overrides previous entries (i.e., is not cumulative).


For example, suppose the override file contained the following entries (and assume r_picmip is set to 0):









For the texture �type97_chiha.tga� the first entry will be applied, and the picmip level will be set to 1. The loader will then scan the second entry, and change the picmpip level to 2. The only thing that matters in determining which entry is applied is order: the last matching entry is the one use.




The piclod functionality provides a number that shifts the selected LOD for a given range up or down by that number. There are two cvars used for piclod:





The first, r_piclod, can be used dynamically while the game is running to test and play with various lod settings.


The second, r_piclodload, is used only at load time to �bake-in� a piclod setting to all the assets. Additionally r_picloadload can be set to �-1� to disable use of piclod overrides.


Piclod Overrides


Piclod overrides are set in �data/piclod_override.csv� (in game/main). As with picmip_override.csv only lower-case letters and forward slashes should be used. An entry looks like this:





This entry will cause all models in the mission 1 directory to automatically receive a piclod setting of 1.


Note that: