MOHRadiant Topics



An overview of the features of MOHRadiant. This document also explains some of the differences between MOHRadiant and previous versions.


AI and Scripting

A comprehensive tutorial on scripts, AI and MOHRadiant.


Terrain Editor

This document describes the integrated terrain editor�s interface.


Terrain Information Layers

A description of MOHPA Terrain Information Layers � a way of storing information about terrain regions with 2D images.


Light Maps

Documentation on creating light maps for the game.



A reference for MOHPA water. Includes a description on how to create the various types of water supported in the game.


Scatter Tool

The scatter tool is used for creating many instances of a model. This document describes how to use the tool in MOHRadiant.


Setting Props on Characters

This document shows how you can use MOHRadiant to add props to models in your level.


Filename Mapping

A brief document on how you can change the name of some assets and still use them in the game.


Lumination Files (.lum files)

Documentation on the .lum file format and how you can use .lum files to place lights in your levels.