Setting Props on Characters


Start by placing a hag model in the level.


Select the model in radiant (note: you can only do this on a per model basis), then open the menu option View->Toggle->Props View



This will open the following dialog:



Select a prop on the left and click on the �Add ->� button to add that prop to the model (you can also double click on the prop on the list to add it). To remove a prop from a model, double click on one of the props on the list to the right, or click on the ��<- Remove� button, to remove the selected prop.


When you�re done setting the props for the model, click �OK�.


The changes you�ve made should be reflected in radiant, you might need to move the camera a little bit for the views to update.


If the �Available Props� list is empty, it means that the HAG model is missing the �props� section and should be reported to the art team.



To setup a hag file to use the props layer you must add the following block:




canteen������������� JO_beltProp_R

bayonet������������� JO_beltProp_L

pickaxe������������� JO_backpackChild_R

backpack JO_backpack JO_thoracicProp JO_clavicleScapulaProp_L JO_clavicleScapulaProp_R

spade�������� JO_backpackChild_L

helmet������� JO_helmet

ammobelt����� JO_pelvisProp

medickit����� JO_pelvisProp2��������������������������




The left side is the name of the prop, the right side is the name of the bone that maps to that prop. If a prop has more than one bone, they are treated as dependencies and will be turned on/off at the same time as the main bone. In other words, if the backpack prop is turned on, the bones: JO_backpack JO_thoracicProp JO_clavicleScapulaProp_L JO_clavicleScapulaProp_R will all be turned on as well.