Radiant Re-Mapping of Assets


Radiant will parse a model mapping file everytime it starts up.This file is located in:


�data\RadiantMappings.txt� which is stored in the rez file main/pak0.rez.


The file allows us to map one filename to another. So for example, if you want:




to actually be:




Put the following line in the RadiantMapping.txt file as one line:

models/mission7/manmade/buildings/7_1_pierhead.gr2 models/mission5/manmade/Hillbunker_1.gr2


Now when you place the 7_1_pierhead model in the level it will be replaced with the Hillbunker_1 model. The re-mapping file doesn�t like extra whitespace, and will generate an error if it cannot successfully parse each line.