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Some basic tip and instructions for the Multiplayer part of Global Operations

Joining Multiplayer Servers

Ingame Serverbrowser

This is the default way to check for players and to participate in multiplayer matches.

During the last couple of years the multiplayer population somewhat dropped to a point where it is crucial to bring some time and idle on the server and be patient until other players join. Or visit the Global Operations community hub to schedule games.

GlobalOps Serverlist

GlobalOps Ingame Serverlist

Third Party Server Browser

Booting up the game yust to see nobody is online can be frustating at times. Thats where third party server scanners should be used. Here are some examples.
Explore the ./tools/serverlist directory

./tools/serverlist/ The All seeying Eye Howto! Screenshot
./tools/serverlist/ Kquery Screenshot
./tools/serverlist/Qtracker492.exe QTracker Screenshot


Not same GUID

If you try to join a server and this message pops up your running a different version then the server.
Right click on the server and select Server Info to see the version the server is running. Your can check your client version if you click on the 'C' icon in the menu.
Make sure that you are running the latest patch release ./patches/3.5/

How to disable the Intro video

Watching it the first time might be ok, but watching it everytime you boot up the game is not.
To get rid of it simply rename the file 'GO.bik' to something else eg: 'GO.bik.bak' inside the main game directory, you may aswell yust delete the file to save on disk space if you wish.

Im stuttering back and forth

Some players experience this strange game behavior. At the time this game was written dualcores or hexacore processors did not exist on the mainstream market and the engine may get out of sync if such an cpu is used.

The solution is to run the antiwarp.exe application. Or use the SetAffinity Application thats located in the same directory to force Global Operations to only use 1 cpu core. You may aswell set the affinity by hand each time you launched the game but that would be cumbersome. Yust use one of the two applications that fits best your needs.

Gameplay Tips

Weapon Pickups

If the round is close to end. It is a good tactic to only buy a cheap handgun and hunt for dropped weapons.
Many times you can find expensive guns, as they are dropped because of empty ammo clips. You can sell or reuse them in the next round.

Theres a engine limit how many dropped weapons may lay on ground until the oldest is removed. You can reset the counter for a weapon by picking it up and dropping it thus it stays longer on the server. So if your really after this particiular gun and fear it may get removed soon grab it from time to time and drop it again.

Weapon Pickups/Stealing

It is adviced to not steal weapons dropped from friendly teamplayers. Use them as necensary and give them back by dropping the weapon to the ground.

Some Basic Tactics

Taken from
also check out there map hint's

General Strategy

Well, the first thing you should do when you start playing Global Operations is to take your time and go through the training. Get to know each of the specialities and their advantages and disadvantages. For more information about the specialities, you can read the manual or visit, which is an excellent site that has thousands of FAQs for various games, including Global Ops.

Now, once you have all that business out of the way and you've familarized yourself with the different classes of soldiers, play the single player game. All the way through.
If you jump right online, you're going to

A) look dumb, and
B) hinder your team.

Get to know the maps, find out where mission objectives are and what you need to do to achieve certain goals.

Okay, you've got the basic skills down. That's good.
Knowing the maps and what you need to do is priority #1. Now you can start focusing on the finer points of play.
Here are some general tips to give you a little edge on the battlefield:

1) Some guns can fire though some walls.

For example, the .50 sniper rifle can fire through just about any wall, and many of the machine guns can punch through as well.
You can use this to your advantage. Say you have one of these guns, and one of your teammates is a Recon. Have the Recon reveal the position of your enemies for you.
Just aim for the red dots and fire. Most of the time you'll take down the unsuspecting enemy in one shot.

2) Fire smart and conserve ammo

See your crosshairs? Notice that when you move, your reticle (those yellow lines that are jumping around) get bigger.
They also get bigger when you're firing. This is your accuracy. When your reticle is flared, any bullets you fire will end up somewhere in the area described by those lines,
so even if the enemy is in the dead-center of your sights, if your accuracy is off you're probably not going to hit them.
To improve your accuracy, you can stop running, crouch, or fire in single or three-round bursts.
This will not only get you many more hits and kills, it will also help you conserve ammo, allowing you to stay dangerous longer.

3) Know when to charge and when to be patient

If you go running guns blazing into a room full of enemies by yourself, you're going to get shot down.
Conversely, if you hang back in an area while your team is pushing forward, you're depriving them of important support.
Be conscious of your team's position and try to stick close to the main force. You're going to be much more effective as part of a team than as an individual off on your own.

4) Use the appropriate equipment for the job, and make use of your environment

If you know you're going to be playing a mission that is set at night, grab some Night Vision or Thermal Goggles.
If you need to storm into a confined area where you know you'll face enemy resistance, take some Gas Grenades and a Gas Mask.
If you want to move in concealment, take along some Smoke Grenades.
Also, know how to negate the effects of these tactics and anticipate the enemy using them (for example,
if you think the enemy will be using Smoke, grab Themal Goggles, which you can use to see through Smoke).
Also, be aware of your environment and use it to your advantage. Look for places where you can hide and ambush your opponents.
If you see a car or propane tank near an enemy, sometimes it is more effective to concentrate your fire there in order to blow it up and kill one or more of the bad guys in a single blow.

5) Make sure your team is well balanced

If your team lacks a Medic or Recon, consider switching. Each speciality offers a unique skill, and sometimes that skill is what makes the difference between victory and defeat.

6) Sniper Advice

If you are trying to deal with a Sniper, try to move laterally to his position if possible, and be sure to throw in a lot of variation in your running.
It's a lot harder for a Sniper to his someone running across his field of view rather than directly toward him.
If you are playing as a Sniper, pay attention to server latency.
If everyone has a low Ping, things are going to run smoothly and where you aim is where your bullet will hit, more or less. However,
if you are experiencing a lot of missed shots that look like they should have been hits, it may be because the server is running slow.
What this means is that what you see on your screen is actually a split second old. So if you're firing at a guy who is running and you aim right at him,
you're actually aiming at where he was a moment ago. You'll need to learn to "lead" your targets in this situation. Knowing when and how far to lead a target comes with experience.

7) Heavy Gunner Advice

Crouch, crouch, crouch. The Heavy Gunner has some big guns, but they are all VERY innaccurate if you try to fire while you are walking,
let alone running. Crouching will greatly increase your accuracy, making you much more dangerous.
I can't count the times when I've been playing as a Medic with a pistol and gone up against a Heavy Gunner who was trying to strafe sideways while firing at me.
I take them down everytime (half the time I don't take a single hit, despite the hundreds of rounds flying all around me).

On the other hand, it's a rare day when I win against a Heavy Gunner who knows how to wield his weapon appropriately.

8) Recon Advice

Please remember that Recon only shares his information with his team if he is near them. If you are off by yourself in a corner trying to light up the enemy for your team, you aren't helping anyone.

9) Medic Advice

If you call for a Medic, for the love of God, tell them if there is an enemy nearby, or if they will be entering the range of a Sniper in their attempts to heal you.

If you are playing as a Medic, don't bother healing someone who is surrounded by bad guys or is out in the open being watched by a Sniper.
You're going to run out there and heal him, only for the enemy to shoot him down again for another kill.
If you heal them again, they'll kill him again. This will just go on and on until you give up, at which point the Sniper or other enemy will gun you down.

10) Sidearms are your friends

If you've got the cash, spring for a sidearm. The pistols in the game are extremely accurate, and having a gun to fall back on when you run out of ammo in your primary weapon
can mean the difference between a kill and a death. Sidearms are extra important to Snipers; those rifles are virtually worthless in close quarters.

Extra Armor can also be helpful for those who start out with Light Armor. Also, Heavy Armor is nice, but it's kind of pricey and will slow you down, so you make the call.

Oh, and if you have the choice between shooting someone and stabbing them with your knife, shoot them.
Don't get cocky unless you're willing to take the chance of that guy turning around at the last second and blowing you away while you scramble to get your gun back out.