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Install Insctructions

Muzzle Flash The following tutorial will guide you in installing Global Operations and all necensary files onto your harddrive.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum game requirements for fluid gameplay.

OS : Windows 98/2k/me/xp/vista/win7
CPU : Pentium III with 800MHZ
RAM : 512 MB
VGA : DirectX 8 capable video adapter
HD : 1.4 GB of free space


Image Mounting application or cd/dvd burner
Following some example applications

Virtual Clone Drive Free, fast and stable
Daemon Tools Lite The lite version comes with several restrictions
Wikipedia Comparison of disc image software Good article worth a read

If you rather burn the game onto a physical disc you should check out the following wikipedia article List_of_optical_disc_authoring_software incase you do not have any cd authoring software installed.

Mounting the Iso

Skip this if you burned the iso to cd/dvd
A tutorial for Virtual Clone Drive can be found here
Or check out youtubte

Installing the Game Data

Disable your av software (Antivirus) befor you install patch 3.5! Or Add exception rules for GlobalOps folder READ MORE from patch creators
The 3.5 Patch adds simple GoBot fixes (GoBot was a Multihack, AImbot,Wallhack etc) and some AV Scanners threat it as virus. Please read./patches/3.5/readme.html and scroll down to 'Known issues'

Example for AVG

open up your avg ->tools ->advanced settings ->PUP exceptions ->Add exception
then add the following files by searching them from your GO folders:

Mount The ISO or Put CD into tray.. ./gameclient/
Cd-Keys ./misc/go_cd-keys.txt
Install Patch 2.0: ./patches/2.0/glopsus2_0.exe
Install Patch 3.5: ./patches/3.5/globalops-35.exe
Install Patch 3.51 (If OS Vista): ./patches/3.5/globalops-351.exe
Install Mappack: ./maps/

Installing Thirdparty Addons

I sugest to play the game first without addons to get a feel for it. But if you like here are some nice addons created by the GlobalOps community. You may combine any of these mods!

./addons/ Soundmod Replaces Firing and Explosion sounds
./addons/tlp-footstepsoundpack01.exe Soundmod Replaces Surface sounds
./addons/tlp-radiosoundpack01.exe Soundmod Replaces Radio sounds
./addons/badges/ Texture Adds several badges