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Not many websites survided, but the ones that did are worth a look. Only the most valuable websites are listed here but alot more are out there.


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Community Links

Bulletin Boards, Downloads, Serverstats Creators of patch 3.0 and 3.5 GlobalOps Community Hub Global Operations Server/Archive


Gameserver status. Check if anyone is playing GameSpy Glops Serverlist GameSpy Serverlist query


Mapmaking tutorials, Brushes, Entities ?? yeah.. that kind of stuff Archived! Official go editing website
GOedit tutorial Browse Tutorials Folder

The timemachine

Eveyone want's to do it atleast once in his live
Now you can.. Travel back in time visit long lost and forgoten Glops websites Archived! Official Global Operations website
golegion Archived! Check out the weapon damage chart French fansite GopsMatch