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MOH:PA Client

Client Commands


MOH:PA Server


Medal of Honor Pacific Assault dedicated server configs for latest final patch 1.2 .Configurations work for older versions aswell, but some cvars might not please take this into account.
These configs where created by doing a 'cvarlist' and dumping the output to a textfile, then cut one by one usefull cvars into the cfgs you can download here.
I tried to add a short description to most of the cvars, please note due to limited testing time they might not be all correct..


22.07.2011 Several fixes in the cfg's, added server startup .bat
07.03.2011 Initial Release


Browse through the config files
  1. ./mohpa/configs/
  2. ./mohpa/configs/ffa/ Vanilla deathmatch config
  3. ./mohpa/configs/tdm/ Vanilla team deathmatch config
  4. ./mohpa/configs/inv/ Vanilla invader config
  5. ./mohpa/configs/realism/ Somewhat realism setting,run fixed,player bleeding,restricted classes and weapons..

  6. ./mohpa/files/ Random files for the game
  7. ./mohpa/files/client_cmds moh:pa Client Tips/tweaks
  8. ./mohpa/files/mohpa_mdk moh:pa MDK Tutorial
  9. ./mohpa/files/unkown_cvars Unknown Cvars that might be usefull




You can use these config files as usual by invoking them over the server startup cmd eg
mohpa_server.exe +set sv_pure 1 +set sv_punkbuster 1 +set sv_community 1 +exec ffa.cfg

You should modify '*gamemode*.cfg,global_pubvars.cfg,' servername motd etc before use
Make sure to untar them into the right folder under Microsoft Windows TM C:\Documents and Settings\Username\My Folder\Ea Games/Medal of Honor Pacific Assault(tm)\
Under Unix like system if you attemp to run the server over example wine. /home/yourusername/Ea Games/Medal of Honor Pacific Assault(tm)/


  4. Multiplayer Class FAQ
  5. Xfire -=In†erna†iønal MØHPA Cømmuni†¥=-

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