Welcome to my little Sega Dreamcast Quake III Arena website.

The sites goal is to collect and publish files and information that are usefull for running a Sega Dreamcast Quake III Arena Dedicated Game server. Such as Serverside mods, Server configs, Server administration ect.


Site Content


Dedicated Server

Dreamcast Dedicated Server Package

Standalone Dreamcast Quake III Arena Server. Only weights 27MB and does not require the Original pakX.pk3 from the Pc/Mac CD-Rom . Comes with pre configured server configs for all vanilla gamemodes, all special stage maps 'dc_ss', and some usefull utilities

If you find errors, or have suggestions please use your bulletin board or visit dreamcast-talk.com bbs entry




Serverlog Parsers (We love stats!)

Tools to generate statistical data of of Quake III Arena game logs eg games.log . All of the listed programms/Scripts are Gnu Linux compatible and should run/compile on modern systems.

All of these scripts generate dreamcast friendly 'sort of..' html output, and should display nicely on the dated Dreampassport/Dreamkey or Planetweb www browsers.

Download the levelshots archive, if you choose a stat parser who displays map images

3xRanking Example Download
Aestats Example Download
Fragistic Example Download
N.O.P Example Download
q3la Example Download
q3log Example Download
q3_loggen Example Download
q3s Example Download Patch
unistats Example Download



Rcon Tools

With Rcon you can remotely or localy control your Quake III Arena gameserver. Change map, kick players or yust to send a message to connected players without the need to startup the game.

crcon Download
kkrcon Download
php-q3rcon Download
q3rcon Download
q3rcon php Download