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About this website

This website was created with the intention to aid active Dreamcast Quake III Arena players, and for peopel planning to play this wonderfull game online for the first time. With some basic knoweledge that may be helpful in certain situations. and to put usefull hinds and tips that are scatered around the web into a central hub. Like basic console commands that can be usefull while playing offline or online. Mod specific callvote options,Dreamcast only console commands...

The website is coded in html 3.2 specs in favor of the dated dreamcast www browsers. If you are browsing this website from a personal computer or smiliar device, you may want to visit the Personal computer version of this website aswell for downloads and Q3A server configuration files. Click here

Contribute to this page

If you would like to contribute to this document, or found errors. Feel free to open a topic in the bulletin board (No registration required!)
or if if you preffer E-Mail contact send me a mail E-Mail Link .

Enable Console

Enable Console for online matches

To use any of the following commands during online matches you have to enable the console first. To do so boot into the game and start a singleplayer match on any of the aviable tiers.
Now press the F12 key or ^ on your keyboard to bring up the system console.
Type the following string into the console ;raster 1 to enable the console during online matches.
Now you can exit the singleplayer match and return to the main screen.

Usefull Commands

Change nick, Private messages,...

  • ;name yourdesiredname
  • Change your name during combat color codes allowed F1-F9
  • ;cvarlist
  • Dump common aviable console commands if ;raster 1 dumps alot
  • ;help
  • Dislplay short quake 3 help for some internal commands
  • ;tell_attacker message
  • Talk to who inflicted damage on you last
  • ;tell_target
  • Talk to the player in your hud
  • ;vote yes-no
  • Participate in a vote
  • ;who
  • List players and bots on the current map

Callvote Options

Voting for maps,gamemodes,...

During online matches you can vote for certain things if the serverowner have callvote enabled in his serverconfig.
The following list consist of the most important and usefull callvote options.
Open the console with the F12 key or ^ and input any of the following commands to initiate a vote.
  • ;callvote map #mapname#
  • Changes to the voted map if enough players vote yes list of aviable maps
  • ;callvote kick #playername or ID#
  • Kick abusive players
  • ;callvote nextmap
  • Vote for next map in the maprotation
  • ;callvote map_restart
  • Restart current round, resets frag counter and elapsed time to zero
  • ;callvote timelimit #int#
  • Change map timelimit
  • ;callvote fraglimit #int#
  • change map fraglimit
  • ;callvote capturelimit #int#
  • change map flag capture limit (ctf only)
  • ;callvote g_gametype #int#
  • Vote for a certain gametype aviable options. 1=Free for all 2=Team Deathmatch 4=Capture the Flag

Connect to Passworded Servers

How to connect to Private Servers protected with a password

  • ;connect ;password #PASSWORD#
  • Direct connect to given ip OR Hostname eg ;connect quakeserver.tld:27960 ;password letmein
  • ;password #PASSWORD#
  • Saves password into system memory, now select server in the serverlist and connect

Modem Commands

Tune your Dreamcast Modem Settings

Please note that while some peopel reported that modifing there modem settings that they felt the game ran smoother for them, others have reported that they see no or atleast no big difference then running the default modem setting. Or even worse faced more lag and disconnects.

Enter this into your modem string box in the browser's internet connection option.

Modem Init: ATS15=128


Fps Tweaks

Tune your frames per second

For a smoother game experience yust like the modem settings, some peopel have reported that this changes make there online play more fluent and smoother. Other report that it makes no difference at all for them. While it is quite common for players of the PC and MAC version of the game to tweak there hearth content out of the game.
You should note that Quake III Arena for the dreamcast have a frame lock at 30 frames per seconds, but in hectic deathmatch battles with 4 players in close combat it may drop.

You may try any of the following commands and see for yourself if it makes any difference for you.

;r_mapoverbrightbits 0
;r_fullbright 1
;r_vertexlight 1
;r_dynamiclight 0
;r_detailtextures 0
;cg_shadows 0
;r_ambientscale 200
;r_directedscale 200
;rate 4000

Community Links

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