Soon this website will be merged with your Chromewiki theres not much content and visitors anyway. A new wiki version will be rolled out soon to stop the spam

A one click installer mappack that includes all custom maps will be added for download soon please check back soon


3DA_Version_ID_003 New tool added. 3DA Version ID switcher.


Chrome Widescreen mod Released

The Chrome Widescreen Mod for 16:10 Resolution have been Released Visit
Visit aswell for the Chrome Specforce Widescreen Version (Work in Progress)

Chrome Summer Cup Competition

Chrome 2011 Summer Championship Launched a Chrome Summer Cup Event.
1 versus 1 Soilent, 32 Players Signup. Rules can be found on the website. Wish everyone fun and competive games!

.tex chromeengine Textures

TextureFinder is a tool that lets you view .tex texture files used in chrome and chrome specforce.
Submited by Harrie Laversma. Thanks bud


Please visit . A work in progress wiki with informations about the ChromeEngine, how to launch dedicated server, modding etc.


As some might have noticed a test server labeled|Ubuntu have been launched. Please try it out and report problems in your bbs.

Chrome Widescreen mod

It's quite to quite on the chrome front but someone actually took the oportunity to fix the stretched ingame menus if your playing chrome with a non native resolution on your widescreen monitor.
Some work in progress screenshots

Chrome aka Advanced Battlegrounds und SpecForce Widescreen Mod-chrome_01_normal.jpg Chrome aka Advanced Battlegrounds und SpecForce Widescreen Mod-chrome_01_wide.jpg Chrome aka Advanced Battlegrounds und SpecForce Widescreen Mod-chrome_04_normal.jpg Chrome aka Advanced Battlegrounds und SpecForce Widescreen Mod-chrome_04_wide.jpg Chrome aka Advanced Battlegrounds und SpecForce Widescreen Mod-chrome_07_normal.jpg Chrome aka Advanced Battlegrounds und SpecForce Widescreen Mod-chrome_07_wide.jpg Chrome aka Advanced Battlegrounds und SpecForce Widescreen Mod-chrome_10_normal.jpg Chrome aka Advanced Battlegrounds und SpecForce Widescreen Mod-chrome_10_wide.jpg

Chrome And Chrome Specforce (16:10 Mod) « Aero N.ext Edit


Moved website to new webhost after 2 years downtime... Some large design updates. Eventualy I'll add a server setup guide, aswell as a downloadable custom server package


Your server finnaly moved on ,it no longer serves demo maps only. However with this move players have to download some custom multiplayer maps in order to play on the Server! The following list shows all custom maps currently in rotation.

  • MoreSoilent
  • PointZero
  • Rimmerbahn
  • TA_Arena
  • Firestorm
  • Eliador
  • 5_Islands


New Map B2D Greenvalley Added I started a new website section it's a Ladder Tournament System for Online Leagues. Please register your Clan and spread the news so we can have a first test drive !


Looking for someone interested in beeing a mod on your server . See\Read HERE for details .


Some little updates this month
Chrome Chatserver updated to V1.2
Chrome MultiplayerDemo 2004 Added
Chrome Keygens added


New Guide/s added . Some of the old guides from the Chrome Wiki are now aviable under the Guides section.


New Link Added .:[B.S.O.C]:. Clan . Server back online!
After a harddrive failure the server should be back online by now.


Added a serverQuery script to the website please visit the Server Page to check it out.
Simply click on the Servername eg DemoCTF- to query Status Inormations eg: How many connected Players and current Played Map.


18 New map downloads have been added.


Finnaly I found the time to update the website code, and create a header for it . Also your server have been finetuned a bit.
Please check the serverpage for details of your serverconfig