Logan is a mercenary - one of the best. He has four years in the Expedition Corps and four in SpecForce. After this he has been on countless missions and has achieved a 100% success rate. With experience like this, one should be able to have it all. Logan could have made it big, if not for what happened on Helios over a year ago...

Now Logan is running away from his past to a place where he can start everything all over again. On the way he met Carrie and because of similar interests they both get to Valkyria - the most distant planetary system of the New Frontier.

Valkyria is the perfect place for a mercenary. It's a world where everyone is for hire and nobody asks for references. It's a world of renegades, desperate settlers and an asylum for criminals from the whole galaxy. Criminals with a federation price on their heads. Importantly, the planets of Valkyria have rich deposits of valuable minerals for which many corporations are more than willing to work outside the boundaries of the law.

In this world of anarchy, a conflict is brewing between powerful organizations. Usually a mercenary works for whoever pays top dollar. In this story a moment will comes when Logan faces a dilemma. And if all this isn't enough, Logan's past starts to catch up with him at the most inappropriate of moments...

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