TS12 Eye Scope

Anchor product of the monopolist in the eye-implantation market, Toshi-Sendai Corporation. Cyber-retina of the left eye enables optical zoom-in while aiming with any non-heavy weapon not equipped with any kind of optical instruments.

FDA210 Dermal Armor

It is a bio-cybernetic dermal transplant, manufactured by several corporations under a government license. The main customer is the army, but there are several versions available to civilians. Dermal armor is a layer covering the entire body. It is designed to reduce any injuries to the body.

HITENDO Motion Improver

Ceramic sinew implants integrated with a strengthened, artificial heart. The effect is a substantial increase in the running speed of the user. The HITENDO model, designed by world-famous Yusagi Ko, is almost twice as effective as similar products of other companies.

OCI TAS v1.4 Targeting Assistance

OCI TAS v1.4 is a second-generation neural coordinator, manufactured for almost a year now by OCI Corporation. OCI is mostly known for high quality firearms. The tests ordered by the SpecForce showed a remarkable 27% increase in aiming accuracy with any given weapon not equipped with integrated optical instruments.

ML-2002 Muscle Improver

ML-2002 is a set of forearm hydraulic servomotors. It is very popular among mercenaries because of its low price and high quality. It considerably reduces the recoil while firing any weapon. ML-2002 is equipped with automatic weapon stabilizer, which enables continuous and accurate firing even when being hit by enemy fire.

Szarzkohl Thermo IV Thermovision System

This retina projection system based on infrared technology, even though out-of-date, is still used. It is very popular, although it is not recommended by the Federal Cybernetics and Humanity Institute due to lack of tech-support from the manufacturer.

TX 483-01 Reflex Improver

This is a direct brain implant enabling immediate submission of all physical functions to one purpose - increase reflex and reaction time of the user. Upon activation, the implant takes control over secretion of some hormones and influences the control of the impulses coming into the brain.

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