RMG Conquistador

Four-wheel utility vehicle. It is universal, durable, and reliable. Often called the "conqueror of the frontier", RMG was created in 2184 in federal laboratories. Two-person RMG is the standard federation land vehicle and at the same time the most popular civilian vehicle on the frontier.
B303 Speeder

One-man anti-gravity speeder. Because of high maintenance costs, it is not as popular as the wheeled vehicles. However, because of its undoubted advantages, especially at high maximum speed on any kind of surface, it earns more and more fans. From 2192, the terraforming troops working in Valkyria system have been equipped with Speeders.
ArmoBeetle Mark IV

Armored land transporter. Used during many expeditions by the Expedition Corps, ArmoBeatle4 has modern polyceramic alloy armor and a 20 mm HEX cannon. Armobeetle can carry up to five people and it is equipped with a complex battlefield management system.

It is an enormously durable, ergonomic, heavy walking vehicle. Golem IV is a standard walker for federation combat troops. Armed with huge HEX cannon and easy to transport, GOLEM IV is a core of the quick response units.
TC SteelGuardian

SteelGuardian is a light walking vehicle manufactured by TC, designed for urban areas as a response to the demand created by private agencies and civil forces. Because of its ability to cope with hard conditions, SteelGurdian finds more and more applications on the planets of the frontier as an irreplaceable scout and guard of the corporation property.
Samson 7T7

Samson 7T7 is a light air transporter. It has high cargo capacity, small size, but at the same time extremely good flying parameters. Together with high quality these features make 7T7 a perfect means of air transport.
T3 Corsair

T3 Corsair is a short range vehicle transporting up to 6 full equiped men (including the pilot). Despite its short range, it is an ideal vehicle for quick raids on the enemy territory due to its high maximum speed.

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