Chrome Console commands:

The console commands need to be typed in Say window used for player communication during the game. Each command has to be preceded by '/' character. While in the game, press 'c' key to open the Say window and then type /AdminSay text to send text message to all players.

Admin Commands:


AdminLogin user password

Logs admin user onto server (user name and password are taken from ServerAdmins.scr file located in \Data directory - see the end of the document for exemplary file).


Logs off admin user

AdminSay text

Sends text message to all players


Sends warning message to all players and closes server

Map mapname

Changes current map to specific one


Changes current map to next one

MapSetParam param value

Changes game settings to given ones (you can change all settings available on current map - for example you can change time of the game - MapSetParam GameTime 10 - sets time to 10mins)

Kick playername

Kicks player from server

Kill playername

Kills selected player


Sets map settings to default


Saves changed settings to file


Sets map settings to custom ones (taken from saved file)

Player Commands:


MsgTeam text

Sends following text message to team


Kills player


Shows how much time is left on the map or how much time is left to the end of the round.


Changes player's team

Example of AdminParams.scr file:

//Admin( sUserName, sPassword, iRights )


// 0 - standard

// 1 - full

!Admin( s, s, i )

Admin( "Admin name", "password", 1 )

Admin( "Admin1 name", "password1", 0 )

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