The temperatures get extremely high on the surface of Terbon. Majority of the planet is dry and deprived of water. Terbon is dominated by desert areas with vast canyons. Sand, dust and scorched trees form the natural landscape of the planet.

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Ice Guard

Severe cold and unforseeable weather don't make good conditions for human colonization. High mountains covered with a thick layer of snow, precipices and heights with a primitive flora, reflect harsh conditions that dominate the IceGuard.

IceGuard_3.jpg IceGuard_2.jpg IceGuard_1.jpg
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Thanks to its location, it has a much more moderate climate than the torrid Terbon. Climate of the moon can be compared to rainforests on the surface of the Earth. Loomia's residents can't complain about the weather and the landscape, that's for sure; warm water reservoirs, dense jungle and hundreds of islands make the moon very picturesque.

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is the fourth planet of the Valkyria system that has been successfully terraformed. At present, the planet has abundant flora, varied shape of terrain and moderate climate.

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another moon brought to life. As for the atmosphere, the moon is much alike the planet it revolves around. Unlike Herbus, however, B4 is covered with huge mountain chains and narrow passes.

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