TC234 Pistol is a dependable, accurate, and cost-efficient weapon. Manufactured in several versions by TechCode, quickly became the most popular pistol among SpecForce agents, as well as in the corporation units. Since 2182, the civilian version of TC234 is part of the standard equipment of the colonization expeditions.


This is a limited edition of TC234 with an integrated silencer, used exclusively by SpecForce units. Possession of this weapon by civilian personnel is strictly prohibited in all Federation systems.


This is a heavy revolver firing huge 12mm MagFor rounds. Although it is "revolver" size, this weapon is very effective with distant targets due to its great range and high accuracy. It is the most popular firearm among Peacemakers. Because of its remarkable accuracy and firepower, BjornHD gained the nickname "Cyberkiller".

NoN 'Frager'

At first produced with Peacemaker units in mind, 'Frager' in appearance and mechanism resembles 20th century shotguns. Due to its effectiveness indoors, it quickly became popular with among headhunters. It is often used by SpecForce members as a "close combat" weapon.


C9/A5 was designed in the early 50-ies of the 22nd century by not a very well known company, Masashita Technologies. Due to its simplicity, low price, and high cyclic rate, C9/A5 became the most popular weapon in the whole universe known to man. Although out-of-date, it is still being produced in more than 10 varieties by several Masashita plants. This weapon is still the top choice among colonists, mercenaries, and members of private agencies. Unfortunately, the pirates and terrorists also use it very often.


This is one of the varieties of C9/S with an integrated silencer. The silencer decreased the cyclic rate and range. Although C9/S does not have the Masashita license (the silencer is illegal), and all the weapons from the SpecForce have been destroyed, this firearm can be purchased on the black market.

Matson CAFS

CAFS is a great assault rifle constructed by Matson Industries for the Expedition Corps. Due to its modern design enabling considerable firepower, ergonomics, and versatility, CAFS became the basic weapon in all Federation troops.

Matson ACC

The experience gained by Matson Ind. while constructing CAFS enabled this corporation to create another terrific weapon - Matson ACC sniper rifle. Mass production, which started right after the first government orders for this gun, combined with the weapon's reliability, make this rifle the top choice for snipers across the entire Federation.

OCI Crom

High quality (just like any other OCI product), long range, and big caliber - these are the most important features of this weapon. Unfortunately, very high price and limited production make Crom the elite sniper rifle, practically available only to SpecForce marksmen.

ASR Nitron

Designed by Advanced Security Research Inc. this heavy assault machinegun Nitron is a perfect piece of equipment for the infantry. Capacious magazine for 14mm ammo along with high cyclic rate makes it an ideal direct support fire weapon.

LeRogue BM4000

BM4000 is a handheld variation of B4000 HEX cannon, mounted as standard armament on GOLEM-IV and GOLEM-V walking machines. Although BM4000 provides great firepower and considerable cyclic rate, it is being withdrawn from the federation units due to its great size. GL Dragoon antitank rocket launcher is replacing it.

Xatron Mark IV

OCI started manufacturing Xatron hunting rifles in 2190. They were exclusively designed for hunting Rectan predators. The brand new version, Xatron Mark IV, uses revolutionary CR12 technology. The quality of this weapon is hard to match, and with the use of 14mm Federal Long ammunition, Mark IV can deal even with 4-inch chitinoid armor.

GL Dragoon

GL Dragoon is the successor of LeRouge, but in this case we cannot talk about replacement, because this is a brand new antitank weapon concept. The use of GL-4 rockets makes drawbacks of close combat rocket weaponry (low cyclic rate, small ammo capasity) almost dissapear. The expolsion power of the GL-4 rocket compensates these drawbacks, and much higher velosity (when compared to HEX weaponry) makes GL Dragoon the best antitank weapon available, even when it comes to comparing the size.

OCI X-4 Electra

Not a typical weapon firing the electro-magnetic beam. Because of the specific type of ammo - eergy charges - it is not a very popular piece of equipment of modern units. The biggest customer of that weapon are the Special Forces that favor its ability of striking targets hidden behind the obstacles -the energy beam generated during the firing goes throught the solid materials (e.g. walls, crates).

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