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    About this website

    Xpand Rally and Xpand Rally Xtreme File Archive, such as Addon Maps, Cars and more. Please note that you can use most maps and car Addons from Xpand Rally inside Xpand Rally Xtreme, as the engines are not very different, yust make sure to copy the required textures etc to the Xpand Rally Xtreme /Data Folder . This website is a work in progress right now a quick and dirty html code mess. Please check back once in a while for the updated website.


    14.07.2016 Added Google drive Download Mirror
    27.10.2015 Added 2 xrx mp maps Sahara and Snow
    03.01.2013 Xpand Rally Blank Car Skins added
    05.07.2011 Website Launch


    Found a missing file? Please use the contact form to submit it. I'am missing quite a few addon cars and other stuff..

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    Download tip use JDownloader and download entire folders such as all cars skins or custom tracks

    Xpand Rally Addon Cars

    Download some nice skinned Xpand Rally Addon Cars

    Xpand Rally Cheats

    Cheat the hell out of this game, Singleplayer only offcourse!

    Xpand Rally Editor

    XR/XRX ChromeED

    Xpand Rally Maps - Addon Tracks

    Custom made Addon Tracks put into \Data\MapsCustom\

    Xpand Rally Xtreme Maps - Addon Tracks

    Custom made Addon Tracks put into \Data\MapsCustom\

    Xpand Rally Modifications

    Small to larger mods

    Xpand Rally Updates

    Official Game updates

    Xpand Rally Addon Cars

    Skinned and completly new Cars

    Xpand Rally Videos

    Trailers,Gameplay footage

    Misc files

    if it does not fit anywhere else it lands here


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