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Shrapmod 0.3 *UPDATE*

Shrapmod 0.3 *UPDATE*

Wed Aug 19, 2009 7:38 pm

I made some more changes to my mod. I haven't done a huge amount of testing so let me know how everything feels.




Shrapmod Version 0.3
*Tweaked footstep sounds, they now play about half as often as before also reduced volume slightly
*Added invuln glowing feet effect(needs work) This is temporary till I find a better effect/icon
*Added ET revive feedback sound
*Tweaked sprinting/running animations (needs work but isn't as jerky when sprinting)
*Replaced mp40 sound with rtcw one
*Changed Invulnerability time to 4 seconds down from 5
*Made mp40 and luger slightly more accurate
*Reduced Medic ammo: mp40 64->32 rifle 25->10
*Reduced Eng+Soldier ammo: mp40 96->64 rifle 25->20
*Reduced move speed slightly 30% -> 25%
*Reduced sprint speed by about 10%
*Removed mp40 recoil/kick
*Removed mp40 + mp43 knockback push and kick (This was bugged and caused many bullets to not register)
*Removed Red Enemy Arrows
*Added ET hitsounds
*Increased panzer damage slightly
*Removed bullet tracers
*Made panzer charge sound non local

Shrapmod Version 0.2
*Remove having to "pick up" docs with use key *DONE*
*Remove Moving affecting aim *DONE*
*Remove muzzleflash on mp40,mp43,pistol *DONE*
*Fix (rework) pistol *DONE*
*Make holding down shoot for too long increase spread by way more (3x-4x more?)higher *DONE*
*Rework revive system from scratch *DONE* *Needs work*
*Scale all movespeed up 30% *DONE*
*Incresed HP 100->120 *DONE*
*Increased HS damage multiplier from 2.0 -> 2.57 *DONE*
*Add sprinting while strafing(maybe) *DONE*
*Hitsounds from ET *DONE* separate pk4 file
*Fix panzer *DONE* *Needs a little work*
*Soldiers now move slower with panzer
*Footsteps *DONE* may need to tweak range and volume
*Removed stupid self spawn timer nonsense *DONE*
*Changed attacking respawn time to 20 by default *DONE*
*Changed defending respawn time to 30 by default *DONE*
*Added reload sounds when ui_showgun = 0
*Fix panzer explosion effect not always playing
*Incresed range of smgs and pistol


Method 1:

1) Create a shrapmod_0.3 folder in your wolf directory and place the shrapmod_0.3.pk4 file there.

2) Create a shortcut to Wolf2MP.exe

3) Add +set fs_game shrapmod_0.3 to the Target line of the shorcut so it looks like this: C:\{GAME PATH}\Wolf2MP.exe +set fs_game shrapmod_0.3

Method 2:

Just put the shrapmod_0.3.pk4 file in the base directory located by defualt at C:\Program Files\Activision\Wolfenstein\base

Note: you will need to delete the file or rename it from pk4 to something else to play on normal servers again

Last edited by Shrap on Tue Aug 25, 2009 12:51 pm, edited 2 times in total.
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Re: Shrapmod 0.2

Wed Aug 19, 2009 7:44 pm

Have a test server this is running on?

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Re: Shrapmod 0.2

Wed Aug 19, 2009 7:52 pm

There was an Australian server running it yesterday:

Not sure if it's still going. You can host a lan game if you just want to test it out.

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Re: Shrapmod 0.2

Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:12 am

Gr8 work.....

*Footsteps *DONE* may need to tweak range and volume

This definately needs tweaking since I got annoyed by the loudness of them after 15 seconds :)

Other than that, please keep working on this since I like your ideas and efforts to do something about the horror vanilla is.

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Re: Shrapmod 0.2

Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:42 am

Very impressive for such a short time after release without even an SDK. Keep up the great work and thank!

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Re: Shrapmod 0.2

Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:43 am

Nice and fast work. Makes me wonder why the devs couldn't do some changes like this to make it better out of the box. However, personally, I wouldn't play any mod that increases weapon spread. I don't want any play and spray. Make stuff like that a cvar and let server operators decide for their gameplay preference.

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Re: Shrapmod 0.2

Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:57 am

Feels simply awesome compared to Wolf 1.1! Maybe speed as even a bit too fast. Though it feels great to rush through the maps; now you realise how small they are, therefore maybe reducing the speed again would fix that.

Couldn't really test it gameplaywise due to the lack of servers available but please keep up your work and ask for feedback whenever you want.

You could also contact the Wolfpro team at #wolfpro (quakenet) or the Wolfpro board as you implemented quite a lot what they were also aiming for.

So long, bo :>

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Re: Shrapmod 0.2

Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:08 pm

Sweet man :)

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Re: Shrapmod 0.2

Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:13 pm

Filefront mirror: http://www.filefront.com/14333243/shrapmod.pk4

Just tested it out. Beautiful. Feels like RtCW movement-wise.

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Re: Shrapmod 0.2

Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:46 pm

So nice !! Please can you add the RtCW mp40 sound because the Wolf: ET one is realy awful !

I realy like your mod, well done.

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