Trouble Shooting Guide





1. After opening a map, the terrain has dropped below the level where it should be.


This means that the map did not load the terrain correctly. To fix this problem go to the File menu, and select �Load Terrain ��. A dialog will come up asking for the file to load. Change the file type to �Raw heightmap (r32)� and select the .r32 file associated with the terrain. If you save the terrain (.ter) file the problem shouldn�t happen again.


2. The terrain is displayed with a checkerboard texture. Where is the terrain texture?


The terrain texture didn�t get associated with the terrain material. In the Editmenu, select Terrain Mode to bring up the terrain dialog. In the Cursor Properties, change the Brush Type to �Texture Paint Ctrl+6�. Click on the gray box in the Current Material to bring up the Materials dialog. Select a material, then in the Material Settings, pull down the Texture combo box to select a texture to go with the material.


3. How can I edit the worldspawn data?


Select a brush and type �n� to bring up the entity dialog.


4. When bsp_lightmap is run, it returns instantly. It either generates blank textures or no textures at all.


This means the light map generation program has failed for some reason. It could be because it can�t find the terrain file. Make sure the the current mod is set correctly. When you start radiant, it asks for a mod name. Files will be saved in the folder of the mod you select. The current mod can also be set with the mod configure utiltity. Other problems could be because the light map program is having trouble saving the light maps. This can happen when the moddir folder (stored in My Documents) is located on a network drive.


5. The lightmaps generated by bsp_lightmap are poor quality or are missing shadows.


The quality setting could be set to the lowest level (1) which can cause the edges of the shadows to look blocky. Another problem could be your graphics card. Make sure you have installed the latest drivers. The light map utility requires graphics cards capable of supporting Direct X vertex shaders 1.1, 8 bit stencil buffer, 24 bit z buffer. At the highest quality level (3) 128MB of video RAM is required. At the lowest level (1) 64MB of video RAM is required. The quality of the light maps also looks worse if the .r32 file isn�t available. In the File menu, click on �Export Terrain As �� to export a .r32 file before runing the light mapper.


6. There are no textures or models that I can select from to add to the map.


A list of models is displayed when you right click on the 2D view and then select �models�. Alternatively you can select one of the lists from the Browse menu. If neithe of these methods work, then it�s possible that some files were not installed correctly. Make sure that in your game�s main folder (typically Program Files\EA Games\Medal of Honor Pacific Assault(tm)\main) there is a file called pak20.pk3. It contains information about models used in the game for MOHRadiant. The location of the file is determined when the MDK is installed. The first window of the installer asks where the game is located, and will install pak20.pk3 there. You can fix this problem by re-installing the MDK being careful to specify the correct location of the game folder when the installation begins.



MilkShape 3D


1.      MilkShape displays an error message saying that it is unregistered and will expire.


The version of MilkShape installed with the MDK is an unregistered version.Go to to register the program.


2.      Models in my mod folder don�t show up in the list of models when I want to import a model.


Make sure that the current mod is set correctly. Use the Mod Configure utility to set the current mod. This will ensure that MilkShape is looking in the correct mod folder for models.


3.      Meshes are larger than the display can show. Why can�t I zoom out further?


MilkShape3D has a limit on how far you can zoom out. Some of the larger meshes used in the game will exceed this limit, and you will need to scroll the window to see all of the mesh.



MDK Tools


1.      When I double click on the MOHPA Mod Developer�s Kit Icon it re-installs the MDK.


This happens because a necssary file has been moved or deleted. For example, you may have moved pak20.pk3 was moved because it interferes with PunkBuster. Replacing the file should fix the problem. Otherwise, let the MDK re-install and replace the file.


2.      Where should Decal materials go?


The Decal Material tool isn�t like the other MDK tools. It doesn�t use the same functions to acesss files so it ignores the current mod. You need to explicitly locate your mod folder and put the material in the �materials� folder. You may need to create one if it doesn�t already exist.


3.      I enabled the online documentation, but the links are bad.


This could be because you are having prolems with your internet connection. It could also be because we are in the process of updating our files. Online documentation is an ongoing effort. We will try to have the documentation complete by the time the MDK is ready. However, if you are having problems with the online docuementation, you should disable it (uncheck the �Use online documentation� box) and use the local version of the documentation.


4.      When I run the game from the �Test Mod� dialog, the game starts, but goes to the shell instead of loading my map.

The game couldn�t find the map name you specified. The map name should be the .bsp file name without the .bsp extension. Normally maps are saved by MOHRadiant into your mod�s �maps� folder. Make sure the map exists there, and is named correctly in the map name field of the Test Mod dialog. Also check to see if the map you are testing is part of the current mod. Select the correct current mod in the Mod Configure tool to ensure that the game will look there for the map file.



Running Mods With the Game


1.      I have multiple mods enabled in the mod browser. For some reason only one of the mods is working.


This is a known bug in the game. This bug has been fixed in Patch 2. Until you are able to install patch 2, limit the number of mods enabled in the Mod Browser to one.


2.      The game only looks in �My Documents\EA Games|Medal of Honor Pacific Assault(tm)\moddir� for my mods. What if I want to put the mods somewhere else?


To work correctly with the game mods should be placed in the moddir folder. It is possible to run a mod in the game�s main folder, but it will not be recognized by the mod browser which means it can�t be auto downloaded. The correct way to deal with this is to change the default location of the moddir folder. The cvar �modbase� can be used on the commnd line. It takes the name of the place to look for the moddir folder. Typically this will only be done for servers. Note that if you change the moddir folder, the MDK Tools will still look in the default location (My Documents\EA Games|Medal of Honor Pacific Assault(tm)\moddir) for mods.


3.      I�ve created a mod map but there�s no sound.


Sounds for most entities are initialized only for mod maps that are named starting with �mp_� If you don�t want to change the map name, you will need to mod the ubersound.scr file.


4.      I can�t join a �pure server� game.


The pak20.pk3 file will prevent you from joining a pure server game. This can be worked around by moving pak20.pk3 out of your main folder. However, if you try running the MKD Launcher again it may try to re-install the pak file. Replacing the pak20.pk3 file should help, or let the MDK reinstall it.



5.      I�ve made a mod that uses files which have the same names as files used in the game. When I run the mod, the game uses the original files instead of my modified files.


The game has a specific order when it looks for files. If you name a file the same as one that�s used by the game you need to take steps to make sure the game uses your file instead of the original game file. The search order is as follows:


a.       Mod .rez or .pk3 files

b.      Game .rez or .pk3 files

c.       Mod directory files

d.      Game directory files.


If you have a mod that is not in a pak file (.rez or .pk3) and it uses files that are named the same as ones in the game, the game files will be found first since pak files are searched first. To avoid this problem you can create a pak file which contains your modified files and the game will use these first. To be safe name your pak file with a higher number. For example if the game has pak10.rez, name your file pak11.rez or higher. It can be inconveinent to package up your modified files while you�re still in the process of developing the mod. One solution is to rename the directory that holds you files, and change the map file to reference those files. See the WeaponSample and Weapons Tutorial for an example of this method.