How to put a medic-tent / supply-point

in a MOHPA MP Map


Perform the following steps in the map to place medic tents into your map.


1 > Place a trigger_multiple in the room designated as the medic tent.Give the trigger the following fields:


-          targetname medic_tent

-          #set (n)where n is any unique set number

-          $team = �allies� or �axis�to designate what team members the tent heals and what plane type to perform airdrops.


2> Place a script_origin in the vicinity of the medic tent where the crate will land during an airdrop.The origin should be placed in such a way so that the crate can fall to the ground unimpeded.If the crate touches any geometry, the crate disappears and the tent is restocked.Give the script_origin the following fields:


-          targetname drop_point

-          #set (n) where n has the same set number as the tent the point restocks.


3> Load the tent with Ammo as if it were in its fully loaded state.All the ammo must be completely within the bounding volume of the trigger.


4> Place any number of script_origins OR spline paths at positions where a supply plane will spawn and begin to fly toward the drop point.Label spots for the axis with targetname �axis_airdrop_point� and label allied spots with targetname �allies_airdrop_point�.When an airdrop is triggered, a spot is chosen at random.If a script origin is a spot, then the plane will fly a straight line toward the drop point.If a spline_path is chosen, then the mapper must be sure the path traverses a path over ALL potential drop points.If a plane does not fly directly over the drop point (with a little room for error) then the airdrop fails for the remainder of the round.All medic tents on the same team choose from the same set of spots.In other words, the mappers supply a single set of allied and axis airdrop points for all supply tents.

5> In script, place the line �exec global/mp_medic_tent.scr� after �level waittill spawn�.