Action Logging System:
User's Guide

The action logging system allows you to record the actions of one or more objects in the scene, spit them out to a .csv (Excel comma-separated values) file, and then load and replay them.

alog_begin:�������� Begins logging actions.
-no_new���������� = append to existing log instead of creating a new one

alog_end:����������� Ends logging actions.
-save������������� = save the log immediately after ending
-clear�������������� = clear the log after ending

alog_begin_end: Toggles between logging and not logging.
��������������������� (see alog_begin and alog_end for options)

alog_dump:�������� Dump the contents of the log to the console.

alog_include:����� Specify which entity numbers to include in the log.
n1 { n2 � }����� = list of entity numbers to include
all������������������ = include all entities

alog_exclude:���� Specify which entity numbers to exclude from the log.
n1 { n2 � }����� = list of entity numbers to exclude
all������������������ = exclude all entities

alog_load:���������� Load the log file.
-file path��������� = specify a file path from which to load (loads from
��������������������� �� MOHPA/game/main/log/action_log.csv by default)

alog_save:��������� Save the log to a file.
-file path��������� = specify a file path to which to save (saves to
��������������������� �� MOHPA/game/main/log/action_log.csv by default)

alog_play:���������� Play back the log (spawns in new characters to play back the ������� actions).

alog_stop:���������� Stop play-back (deletes the play-back characters).

alog_pause:������� Pause/un-pause play-back (freezes characters where they are).

alog_play_stop:Toggle between playing and not playing.


It is obviously quite useful to bind alog_begin_end and alog_play_stop to hot keys.