Console commands for Mod Developers


The console is a text based window that streams information coming from the game and allows you to type in commands for the engine to follow. To bring up the console, run the game and press the tilde (~) key while playing. Many of these commands can be used in a shortcut by preceding them with �+set�.



Dog �������������� Puts you in �god mode.� You can�t be killed while in this mode.

Noclip �������������� Allows you to fly around and go through walls.

Give all ������.������� Gives you lots of weapons and bullets and stuff.

Map <mapname> �...�������� Loads the map entered.

Maplist ������..������� Brings up a list that you can browse through to find the map you want to load.



R_znear <1, 0>���..����� A value of 1 will help get rid of z-fighting problems on levels with a distant farplane. A value of 0 puts it back to normal.

Cg_3rdperson <1, 0> ..������ Using 1 will pull the camera into the 3rd person allowing you to see your character. This is useful for checking the scale on something because you can see it next to a person. Using 0 puts the camera back into the 1st person.

Script player Global_posteffect <0,7>���..Using 0 will turn the post effects off. Using 7 will turn them back on.


R_showtris <1, 0> ��.����� This will draw the edges of all triangles rather than the faces. This is useful in getting a rough idea of where lots of tris are. You must turn the post effects off using r_postfx before this will work.

R_overdraw <2, 1, 0>...����� Using 2 shows you the actual overdraw occurring in the game. Using 1 shows you worst case overdraw. This is how bad it would be if the renderer didn�t do some optimizations that it does. Using 0 turns it off and makes the scene render like normal.

R_drawcollmeshes <1, 0>�� Using 1 will draw collision volumes instead of art meshes. Using 0 draws things like normal.

r_picmip <number>�...������ This will change the resolution (and therefore memory footprint) of all textures loaded. Before this will take effect you must use the r_reloadtextures command.

r_reloadtextures 1��.������ This reloads all textures into memory. This should be used after changing the picmip level in the console. It should also be used if you have alt-tabbed out of the game, changed a texture, and returned to the game.

Pushmenu lighting �...������� This brings up the lighting control center. See lighting documentation for a diagram of these controls.

R_draw<thing> <0, 1>..������ This turns on and off the drawing of particular things. It works for water and other things. To find out all of the things you can stop drawing, type R_draw and keep hitting tab.

LOD and Visibility

R_forcelod <-1, 0, 1�>������ An entry of 0 will force all models to draw at their highest LOD. An entry of 1 will make everything draw at LOD1(if they have an LOD1) and so on. An entry of -1 will turn forcelod off and things will LOD as they normally would.

wdb_lock_visibility<1, 0>����� An entry of 1 will lock visibility and LOD of al objects so that you can move freely around and see what is culling out and what LOD things are at from a particular vantage point.

R_lodbias <�-1, 0, 1�>���� This will change the LOD that everything uses based on the number entered. Entering 1 will make things that would normally be at LOD0 draw LOD1 instead. If you enter 1 and something is far enough that it is displaying LOD1, it will display LOD2 instead. The same goes for negative numbers. -1 will take things from LOD1 to LOD0 and so on. Entering 0 returns things to normal.



removeclass <class name> - Remove all objects derived from this classname

removeent <number> - remove a specific entity by number

killclass <class name> - apply a lethal amount of damage to all objects derived from this classname

killent <number> - kill a specific entity by number

whatis <number> - retrieve entity specific information by number

sv_showentnums [0,1] - show entity numbers above objects in the game

sv_showbboxes [0,28] -show bounding boxes of entities.

1 - shows all solid entities with their standard mins and maxs

2 - shows all solid entities with their absmins and absmaxs

3 - shows all entities that are solid and non solid but are not tagged as RF_DONTDRAW

4 - shows all entities, even those tagged as RF_DONTDRAW

7 - shows all entities with their TIKI bounding boxes

8 � shows normal bounding boxes as well as a small bounding box around the origin

9 � 28 � show bounding boxes of hit locations on models

actorinfo <number> - display actor specific information about a particular entity

testthread <thread label> - executes a thread from the command line

spawn classname <keyname> <value> � - spawn an entity

actor modelname <keyname> <value> � - spawn an actor

ai_shownodenums � show node numbers above ai path nodes

ai_showpath � show ai paths, the interconnections between ai path nodes

g_entinfo_max � maximum distance to show entity information

g_entinfo [0,4] � display information about entities as you get close to them.A non-zero value will cause all entities to run there ::ShowInfo method when the player gets near them.


For Actors::

������� G_entinfo 1

������� Green Line is between the actor�s centroid and his m_vHome position

������� Green circle is represents his leash distance away from his home position

������� Red circle is his m_fMinDistance

������� Blue circle is his m_fMaxDistance

������� G_entinfo 2

������� Red circle is his hearing

������� Blue circle is his sight

������� G_entinfo 4 � show all actors all the time



modbase <string>��������������� Valid in MOHPA patch 2 only. Sets the location of where to put the moddir folder. Should be used with the +set command line since the moddir folder needs to be set up when the game starts.

Timescale <number> ..������� Slows the game down or speeds it up. A number between 0 and 1 will slow the game down. A number greater than 1 will speed the game up. A timescale of 0.3 is good when you want a more accurate movement.

Kill_axis ������.������ Use this to kill all of your enemies!

Sv_showentnums <1, 0>���� Shows the entity number for all entities. It floats above the entity. With many entities in one location it is hard to read the numbers and tell which models they go to. This only works on normal objects, not replicants or compressed replicants.

Whatis <number>��..������� This will give you a list of information in the console about the entity with the entity number you specify in this command. This is a good way to find out what gr2 you are looking at.

r_mode <number>��.������ This changes the resolution of the game. This is primarily meant to be used in your shortcut. Valid numbers and the corresponding resolutions are:

��������������������������������������������������� 3 � 640 x 480��������� 7 � 1152 x 864

��������������������������������������������������� 4 � 800 x 600��������� 8 � 1280 x 1024

��������������������������������������������������� 5 � 960 x 720��������� 9 � 1600 x 1200

��������������������������������������������������� 6 � 1024 x 768

fps <1, 0>������������ Using 1 puts a framerate ticker and other useful information at the bottom of the hud. Using 0 takes it off the hud. This setting persists from session to session. See resource_management.doc (doesn�t exist yet) for a description of all of the information this command provides.

Ui_hud <0, 1>����.����� Using 0 turns the hud off. Using 1 turns the hud on.

Pushmenu emitter2�������� Note that there is not a space between �emitter� and �2�. This brings up the particle effects menu. This allows you to, among other things, to view particle effects. The details of viewing a particle effect with this tool are exposed in emitter2.doc.