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    About this website

    The goal of this website is to supply generic easy to understand and modify server configurations for the most popular first person shooters such as the famous Quake/Call of duty franchise.
    So even novice users can yust upload them without great modifications needet on there end to there gameserver provider or root server.

    The server configurations have been split up into several files for several reasons. One beeing that early quake engine versions had a size limit for cfgs, aswell to make them easyer to understand by creating seperate configs for network,bots,gameplay,weapon settings, and game physics.

    For a list of aviable gamecommands I attached 'if possible' a cvar dump text file aviable for download, aswell as a command dump. I hope someone finds these website usefull and maybe even learns something by reading through the config files.


    14.07.2011 Wolfenstein Added
    07.03.2011 Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Added
    03.03.2011 Call of Duty Added
    03.03.2011 Call of Duty United Offensive Added





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