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Chrome was developed by Techland and released in 2003 It was designed for the microsoft windows ® operating system with a linux port for the dedicated server announced but never finished/released. Alltough the website stated it was to 70% done. This was the only linux port ever announced by techland.


The game utilizes the first ChromeEngine1 the inhouse programmed engine by techland. Powered by java gamescripting, that can be modified by end users to there needs.

Engine Features

The ChromeEngine1 features

  • DirectX 8 Rendering
  • Ability to render large outside arreas, or/and house complexes
  • High quality particle effects such as explosions or water
  • Ragdoll Physics in Singleplayer
  • ChromEd Map editor
  • Open map structure open and edit
  • 3da import of user created models
  • Full access to Java Gamelogic Code
  • jpg,png,tga,tex image support
  • Texture size up to XXX pixels


The engine can be tweaked and modified in several ways. By default the game comes with the ChromEd, a powerfull level editor, that can be used to create new single or multiplayer levels, or edit existing levels.

Java Source the game comes with full access to the java scripting classes, altough with polish comments. Users may create small to large mods (complete conversion) by modifiyng the codebase.


The game allows net play for up to 32 players on dedicated game server or listen server.

Multiplayer Gamemodes

With the latest official client patch released by Techland ( the game features 8 gamemodes that can be played online or offline.

Multiplayer Maps

Ranging from small to large maps (mostly outdoor) players may choose from 19 Official maps to be played against other players online or offline. And a large pool of custom made maps is aviable online.

Chrome Multiplayer map list:

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