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Chrome Specforce : Dedicated Server

How to setup and administrate a chrome specforce dedicated game server.

Unlike Chrome, there are no public dedicated server files for Chrome Specforce . A request to Techland and SFTC Clan have been filled to release it, but never answered. Thats why you have to somewhat join the darkside to get a server running on a remote machine, bypassing starforce protection. This also makes it tricky to run more then one instance of any chromeengine powered game on the same machine.

Theres little differences from a Chrome Server and a Chrome Specforce Server. Only the aviable maps,gamemodes, and Items are different aswell as the default gameport. Beside the Chrome Specforce running more stable and fluid.


  1. Pre Patched Installed game
  2. No cd/dvd Crack (starforce protection!) *hint gamecopyworld*
  3. Some Harddrive Space
  4. Good Upstream bandwith


Copy the entire! content of the specforce folder to the remote location of the server machine. Some files are not required but better upload everything to be sure nothing goes wrong.

Unzip the content of the no cd/dvd crack and overwrite (Better backup old files) all the original files.

Upload the server configuration files inside /Profiles/YourName/

Invoke “SpecForce.exe -dedicated -internet -profile YourName”

Configuration Files



The game may use the following list of ports to initate or accept data transfers

  • 29026 [UDP][!] Default GamePort
  • 29002 [UDP][*] GameListServer Dest *1
  • 29007 [UDP][*] GameListServer Out *2
  • 29028
  • 29149 GameQueryPort?? Not Verified
  • 25955

Port Forwarding

If your behind a restrictive hardware firewall, it is crucial to forward the following ports for netplay. If your firewall runs in nat mode, it is important to map the port to the exact same port for outgoing connections. Most firewalls do the required steps for you, but some dont. Make sure your firewall supports static port mapping

Server Query

Querying the gameserver is only possible with the propeitary chrome engine network protocol nobody reverse engineered yet. The all seeying eye support have been dropped after announce of yahoo to shutdown the service in 2005. is the only known source that developed a tool to query later chromeengine games. So far contact to the webmaster could net be established.

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