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Chrome : Dedicated Server

How to setup and administrate a chrome dedicated game server.

Visit Chrome, for a list of aviable gamemodes and maps.

Please refer to the following text document I wrote in the past ch-serversetup.txt as I'm trying to fill these pages and clone the information.

Note: There exist 2 released gameserver binarys, one was only released to ( and is known to crash alot, but have some debugging enabled, and saves log files into /logs/ by date/time and not overwrite them. And the official version found on all other websites (ChromeDedicatedServer.exe). If your server crashes alot, it may be you downloaded this early build.

Theres a simple trick to enable the server to save crash.log as /logs/11_12_12_30_crash.log add a file called (debug.fnt) to the main chrome folder found on the main folder of the game client.


  1. Dedicatedserver binary/data
  2. Some Harddrive Space
  3. Good Upstream bandwith

Hardware Requirements

Example for a 10 player dedicated server

  • Intel Pentium or equal cpu with 800Mhz
  • 256-512 Mb of ram
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Server 2k3 or a linux box
  • Atleast 100Kb Up and Downstream Bandwith (if asyncron setup eg dsl more the better)

This should work for a small server. A faster cpu and atleast 512Mb ram may help reduce lag spikes if the OS is under heavy load. Note: On linux there exist a problem with loading player textures thus players are invisble. Until I can pinpoint the problem you have to troubleshoot it by yourself.


Copy the entire! content of the chrome dedicated server folder to the remote location of the server machine. Some files are not required but better upload everything to be sure nothing goes wrong.

NOTE: The official released chrome dedicated server package by techland only supports 5 maps. You must copy the other aviable maps from your gamefolder including the required 3da models and textures. If in doubt you should upload the whole gamedirectory from a patched gameclient to the remote server.

Upload the server configuration files inside /Data/Profiles/YourName/*.*

Invoke “chromenet.exe -dedicated -internet -profile YourName”

Configuration Files



The game may use the following list of ports to initate or accept data transfers

  • 2300 UDP[?] OLD GameQuery Port Obsolet ?
  • 27005 UDP[*] AuthServer
  • 27006 UDP[*] Gamelistserver + MasterServer
  • 27015 UDP[!] GameServer Port #1
  • 27016 UDP[!] All Seeing Eye #2
  • 27023 UDP[*] Remote Access Port #3
  • 27138 UDP[!] Server Query Port #4
* port thats used for outgoing and incoming data
! port that must be forwarded by the router
? N/A
#1 Default Gameport [27015] IF you change this you have to recalculate #2 and #4
#2 ASE [The All Seeing Eye] Always + 1 Port from default GamePort 27015 + 1 = 27016 . Can be disabled or changed in /Data/network.scr
#3 Remote Access Port . Useless as theres as far as i know.. no working client	 
#4 Uses standart Game Query Port mechanism +123 Ports to GamePort 27015 + 123 = 27138

Port Forwarding

If your behind a restrictive hardware firewall, it is crucial to forward the following ports for netplay. If your firewall runs in nat mode, it is important to map the port to the exact same port for outgoing connections. Most firewalls do the required steps for you, but some dont. Make sure your firewall supports static port mapping

Known Problems

* Server crashing after removing a player

This happens on certain maps, and must have something to do with the gamemode script, happens allot on assault maps.

* Players falling through obsacles

You are missing the 3da model for it. Eg the soilent bridge Check your server log for missing model messages. This may affect you if you add maps to the server, but not the models/textures.

* Server lags after certain events

A disconnected/crashed player is on your server, check the scorboard for a playerid whos ping is not changing, and remove the player.
If the player reconnects you will have two of the same name with a number added. This is a pretty nasty one as it affects everyone on the server and makes it unplayable.

* UDP read packet failed

Caused by weakness of client portion to handle timeouts . When a client trys to check given IP+PORT passed to client
he never stops doing so beeing in an endless loop , if he cannot retrieve server info variables . This results in an 
endless printing loop (UDP READ PACKET FAILED) in the Server . In some rare cases this bought the server down
Caused by dced (Disconnected) clients that eighter had a game crash or did not disconnect properly from the server , or
minimized the game and the server meanwhile changed map upon return the game usualy crashes trying to load the new
map textures and effects

* Disconnecting Clients

Caused by broken kick client code . If trying to remove a dced player whos game crash or that did not disconnect properly
sometimes (i noticed on some maps it happens more often then on others) the engine writes

Disconnecting Client RANDOM NUMBER HERE?

And removes everyone from the server . In some rare cases the server might also stop to work and exits with error message.

This can also happen client side . I only experienced this once when play on localy created server , then i minimized
the game . After some minutes i maximized it again and got to see a message

Connection Error to Server

And was then disconnected . In client crash.log something like disconnecting client was written down .

* Fire Canceled WeaponGrenadeOffensiveNet

Due bad coding for grenade throw . Is printed when a client throws a grenade . See PackStateInventory. This should not be printed to screen

* PackStateInventory Ammo

A player used up a ammo crate ,and the ammo crate is removed from players inventory. This should not be printed to screen

* GetSurfaceLevel failed!

You are missing the .tex file for this texture.
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