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Call of Juarez : Dedicated Game Server

How to setup and administrate a Call of Juarez dedicated game server.


  1. Pre Patched Installed game (
  2. No cd/dvd Crack (starforce protection!)
  3. Some Harddrive Space
  4. Good Upstream bandwith


Configuration Files

You may finetune the game server by modifying the following files to your liking

  1. /Data/Network.scr



The game may use the following list of ports to initate or accept data transfers

  • xxxxx
  • xxxxx

Port Forwarding

If your behind a restrictive hardware firewall, it is crucial to forward the following ports for netplay. If your firewall runs in nat mode, it is important to map the port to the exact same port for outgoing connections. Most firewalls do the required steps for you, but some dont. Make sure your firewall supports static port mapping


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