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Action Vault - Chrome Wrap Report 2003-11-17 12:18
Techland Level Designer Kacper Michalski offers a thoughtful analysis of his team's recently released action title.
Chrome review on Action Trip 2003-11-13 10:22
So did Techland succeed in their mission improbable? The short answer is yes.
Chrome review on GameZone - scores 88% 2003-11-13 10:21
"While the gaming world awaits the advent of the next round of first-person shooters, there are several interesting candidates coming up on the horizon and Chrome may just be the sleeper hit you are looking for to tide you over until Halo 2. "
Chrome review on boomtown - rating 9/10 2003-11-13 10:18
All in all, a really great effort by Techland and one that should, if there's any justice, be able to withstand the effects of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Half-Life 2.
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The Last Word 2003-11-05 09:06
The Techland team has crafted a well-made game with impressive visuals and some interesting, non-standard elements. For a shooter in particular, it incorporates decent character development and a solid story with an unusual twist at the end in the form of a moral decision. The gameplay has pretty good variety, with the vehicles standing out in this regard; indeed, I would have liked more segments in which they play a central role. On the other hand, the AI is uneven, and there doesn't appear to be much replayability for the single-player mode. Overall, Chrome isn't going to revolutionize the action category, but it can offer you an enjoyable experience while you wait for the next title that will.
Interview with Techland's Bartek Paul at Telefragged 2003-10-03 11:23

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