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New version of Chrome website 2003-08-21 14:56
Few days ago the official Chrome website, has been modified.
The website has a new, lighter, and more appealing layout. We also added new sections dedicated to player's clans, Chrometeam, and game's editor ChromeEd. While creating the website, we took into consideration players with slower internet connection - said Rafał Gut, website administrator at Techland.
Gathering signs Chrome for PC 2003-08-18 16:46
Computer and video game publisher Gathering, a subsidiary of Take Two Interactive Software, Inc. (Nasdaq-TTWO), announced that upcoming first-person shooter Chrome has been signed to the label and is set for release in September this year.
We are tremendously proud of what we have already achieved with Chrome. The Sci-fi setting has enabled the team to run riot with their imagination, gamers will be able roam freely around massive game environments with the technology of the future at their disposal. Said Pawel Marchewka at Techland. Given their commitment to the genre, Gathering is an ideal partner on this project and we are thrilled to be working alongside them.
As a tactical first-person shooter Chrome expands upon our already existing strong portfolio of titles in this genre, while offering players a totally original setting and diverse style of play. Said Gary Lewis, International Managing Director at Take Two Europe The game demo has already proved incredibly popular with gamers world-wide and we eagerly anticipate the same reception for the full game in September.
Chrome - soundtrack 2003-07-07 11:50
Chrome comes with an incredible soundtrack, which creates one of a kind movie climate. The soundtrack by Paweł Błaszczak can be heard in the game's main menu as well as during characteristic actions in the game, when the music changes according to the situation. We also have a surprise for the readers - Chrome's main theme. The file of 1.03 MB is in ogg format (can be played by Winamp). You can download it from here. Enjoy listening.
Borderland 2003-06-27 11:55
As you can read in the description provided by the game makers, Chrome offers very extensive maps in the single player mode. But it is obvious that most of the players can't wait to connect to the game server and face live opponents. Well, we have prepared a nice and interesting surprise for those of you who can't wait - views from a beautifully embellished map - Borderland, where players will fight in everglades heavily covered with plant life. This map is created in the Domination mode, which means controlling checkpoints with flags. Shrubs, bushes and enormous trees growing in the middle of the everglades create a unique atmosphere of the game. The map description sounds fantastic, so now you just have to wait...

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