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Chrome on 2003-10-03 11:20
With its beautifully detailed graphics, this tactical shooter looks to raise the bar for years to come. Read more:
Chrome interview with Bartek Paul, designer at Techland on Gen Gamers 2003-10-02 15:34
(thursday) about Chrome 2003-10-02 14:48
Chrome's review on 2003-10-02 13:19
Game Planet's preview 2003-09-11 09:32
The game environments in Chrome look superb with some great weather effects and varied terrain to battle over. And with all the different vehicles and weapons to master the gameplay side of things looks like it is going to be crash hot. More...
Chrome Hands-On on IGN. 2003-09-01 12:54
This lesser known shooter is worth keeping an eye on.

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