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Firestorm, , added on: 2005-08-12 15:49

Firestorm an Assault class map, now in Beta 2 testing to check playability, features 5 destroyable objects and revenge match

Pit, , added on: 2005-08-12 15:48

Pit a completely new map, using a few unusual Ideas to produce an Interesting map will run as TD, CTF and TD and is good in all modes, As a CTF map it is very important for respawn time to be 10 seconds

Rimmerbahn, , added on: 2005-08-12 15:46

Rimmerbahn an adaptation of Autobahn will run as TD, CTF and TD (best as TD and CTF games)

B2DSchrottplatz, 2.5 MB, added on: 2004-03-17 15:32

Anyone ask what happens to the destroyed Vehicles after the fight? At this little island, on Terbius, the wracks become recycled. Look inside, maybe there are any things for you. This Map was built by LiquidSnake from the Austrian Chrome Clan BORN 2 DIE! Unzip the map folder to \Data\LevelsNet\ directory. Visit for more maps and infos!

B2DSchrottplatz.jpg B2DSchrottplatz (3).jpg B2DSchrottplatz (2).jpg
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B2DSchrottplatz (1).jpg    
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B2DCheyenne2, 4 MB, added on: 2004-03-17 15:31

In the Cheyenne Mountains, in the Spacoon Industries Area, there is only one thing to do: Kill Your Enemies!!! This Map was built by NiTrO from BORN 2 DIE - Official Chrome ClanT. Unzip the map folder to \Data\LevelsNet\ directory.

B2DCheyenne2.jpg B2DCheyenne2 (3).jpg B2DCheyenne2 (1).jpg
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B2DRallye, 7 MB, added on: 2004-03-17 15:30

Start at the B2D-Rallye, and capture the flags with your team. This Map was created by B2D-LiquidSnake from the officiel Chrome Clan BORN 2 DIE.Unzip the map folder to \Data\LevelsNet\ directory. Visit for more Maps!

B2DRallye.jpg B2DRallye (4).jpg B2DRallye (3).jpg
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B2DRallye (2).jpg B2DRallye (1).jpg  
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B2DLabyrinth, 7 MB, added on: 2004-03-17 14:54

Search the way throug the labyrinth, capture the flag and defense it!!! This Map was built by NiTrO from the Official Chrome Clan BORN 2 DIE Unzip the map folder to \Data\LevelsNet\ directory. Visit: for more Maps !

B2DLabyrinth.jpg B2DLabyrinth (3).jpg B2DLabyrinth (2).jpg
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Vorposten.rar, 0.6 MB, added on: 2004-02-04 12:44

A Team Death Match map taking place in night scenery of snowy hills. This map was made by Zodiak. Because this map is an adaptation of Trench2, this map is required to be located in \Data\LevelsNet\ directory. Unzip the map folder to \Data\LevelsNet\ directory.

Vorposten5.jpg Vorposten4.jpg Vorposten3.jpg
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Vorposten2.jpg Vorposten1.jpg  
26 KB 27 KB, 6.5 MB, added on: 2004-02-04 12:41

Another map created by Zodiak. It’s an interesting Death Match happening in rocky canyon where a mining colony was built. Numerous buildings and construction elements make the gameplay more diversified. Unzip the map folder to \Data\LevelsNet\ directory.

DexonsLager5.jpg DexonsLager4.jpg DexonsLager3.jpg
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DexonsLager2.jpg DexonsLager1.jpg  
38 KB 31 KB, 4 MB, added on: 2004-02-03 17:00

Classic Death Match taking place amidst rocky scenery of Cheyenne Mountains. The lack of vehicles is compensated by numerous objects you can hide behind and shoot the enemy. This map was created by NiTro, a B2D clan member. Unzip the map folder to \Data\LevelsNet\ directory.

B2DCheyenne5.jpg B2DCheyenne4.jpg B2DCheyenne3.jpg
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B2DCheyenne2.jpg B2DCheyenne1.jpg  
37 KB 33 KB, 6 MB, added on: 2004-02-03 16:53

Another Death Match map sent by B2D clan - this time the author is LiquidSnake.
Devastated postglacial scenery is a perfect battle arena for players with sniper rifle. Due to numerous crates and containers the fight may transform into real man hunting.
Unzip the map folder to \Data\LevelsNet\ directory.

B2DSniperRama5.jpg B2DSniperRama4.jpg B2DSniperRama3.jpg
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B2DSniperRama2.jpg B2DSniperRama1.jpg  
30 KB 39 KB, 3.5 MB, added on: 2003-11-14 14:43

This map is the modification of standard multiplayer map Soilent. Instead of CTF mode it is of Team Domination mode with addition of walkers located close to the bases which make the gameplay more interesting.
Copy 'Soilent2' folder to Chrome\Data\LevelsNet\ directory.

soilent4.jpg soilent3.jpg soilent2.jpg
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5_Islands, 11 MB, added on: 2003-07-11 00:00

Author: CathogA
The map created by one of the players taking part in discussions on the Chrome official forum.

Team Domination gameplay mode taking place on 5 islands. Both teams have access to speeders and walkers in order to get as fast as possible close to 3 points that need to be taken control of.
Unzip the map folder to \Data\LevelsNet\ directory.

ScreenShot011.jpg ScreenShot006.jpg ScreenShot003.jpg
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Arena, 17 MB, added on: 2003-07-10 00:00

Author: TobiAlex
The map created by one of moderators of the Chrome offcial forum.

Death Match map. The players have at their disposal heavy weaponry, few walkers and jeeps. Additionally, the terrain enabling natural covering as well as the central location of the bunker makes the gameplay more interesting.
Unzip the map folder to \Data\LevelsNet\ directory.

0008.jpg 0007.jpg 0006.jpg
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0005.jpg 0003.jpg 0002.jpg
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BattledustEVO, 7 MB, added on: 2003-07-10 00:00

Author: cyberchicken
The map created by one of the players taking part in discussions on the Chrome official forum.

This singleplayer map (conversion from the multiplayer map Battledust) shows the potential of the ChromEd editor. A single Agent's task is to break into the base guarded by hostile infantry supported by couple walkers and destroy a dangerous alien life form container.
Unzip the folder to \Data\ directory.

screenshot004.jpg screenshot003.jpg screenshot002.jpg
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screenshot001.jpg screenshot000.jpg  
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