Chrome patch 2004-02-19 15:07
To make the game more attractive a number of interesting features has been added. Patch introduces:
  • New heavy walker equipped with rockets;
  • The ability to use stationary cannons of 2 types:
  • Energetic cannon effective against vehicles
  • Rotation gun very good against infantry
  • The ability to change places inside vehicles
  • Automatic voice messages informing about the battlefield situation
  • Changes in HUD giving the player better control over his location and orientation on battlefield
Additionally the patch features 3 new multiplayer maps:
  • Loomia2 - modified Loomia designed for 8-32 players and Team Domination mode with the use of terrain vehicles, speeders, armored transporters and walkers
  • Narrow - dense forest with walkers and speeders designed for 4-12 players in Team Domination mode
  • Trench3 - a map for 2-16 players in Team Domination mode
Besides the update separates the single and multiplayer modes by introducing 2 separate executable files for both modes.

We encourage to downloading the file and checking all new features of Chrome multiplayer. back...

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