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Audio for Chrome is ready 2003-06-02 09:26
Techland would like to inform that recording sessions with actors providing the voices for the game's main characters are completed. The voices for all the Chrome characters were recorded by professional actors at AudioGodz Studio, which works with such companies as Disney or Dreamworks. We chose AudioGodz because we believe that thanks to their experience gained while working on such titles as Warcraft 3, Diablo, Diablo 2 or Unreal 2, AudioGodz can provide a very professional English version of Chrome - says Hanna Gehrke-Rosiecka from Techland.
Multiplayer mode in Chrome 2003-05-30 00:00
Besides singleplayer mode, Chrome also offers 5 different multiplayer modes - Deathmatch, TeamDeathmatch, Domination, Assault, and Capture the Flag. There is also an additional sixth mode, which is a variation of the Domination mode - Total Domination. In this mode, the goal is to capture and defend the bases, and the points are awarded for defending all bases for a specific time period. Multiplayer modes use all the characteristics of the singleplayer mode - extensive locations, vehicles and cyber technology. All this provides the players with never-before-seen tactical possibilities.
Chrome - Download E3 Trailer 2003-05-27 00:00
Starting today, the new Chrome trailer, which was presented during E3, is available for download. "This trailer does not differ much from the previous ECTS trailer, but it uses mostly DirectX version of Chrome. We decided to make this trailer available for the Polish game fans that did not get a chance to visit our exposition in Los Angeles" - says Przemyslaw Marmul from Techland.The trailer is available in two versions that differ in resolution and size - 400x300 - 24MB and 640x480 - 36MB. This trailer gives you a taste of what you are going to see when Chrome hits the market.
Techland on E3 2003-05-12 00:00
Techland is preparing the exhibition of its products on Electronic Entertainment Expo E3, which will be held in Los Angeles in mid-May. Visitors will have a chance to see Chrome (premiere June 2003), Xpand Rally (premiere September 2003), and Day of the Mutants (premiere Q3, 2004).
We wish to remind all E3 visitors that most probably the only Polish exposition will be located in Kentia Hall #6209. Our guests will have a chance to receive a CD with demo versions of Techland products and previously unreleased trailers for Chrome and Xpand Rally.

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