Chrome MP Xmas Trial expired on Jan 10th, 2004
Chrome MP Demo 2004, 270 MB, added on: 2004-02-19 15:18

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Chrome MP Demo 2004 contains the best 5 (among them 3 new) out of 19 multiplayer maps from the newest full version of the game ( and is fully compatible with it.

The demo allows for playing on the existing full game servers and setting up players' own servers - this will let every new player try his skills against experienced Chrome players.

By running the game the players will feel the taste of original, tactical but also dynamic multiplayer competition in the worlds of Valkyria system. They will also be able to make use of all newest game features such as:
  • New heavy walker equipped with rockets;
  • The ability to use stationary cannons of 2 types
  • The ability to change places inside vehicles
  • Automatic voice messages informing about the battlefield situation
The demo features the following maps:
  • Loomia2 - modified Loomia designed for 8-32 players and Team Domination mode with the use of terrain vehicles, speeders, armored transporters and walkers
  • Narrow - dense forest with walkers and speeders designed for 4-12 players in Team Domination mode
  • Skirmish - classic Team Deatch Match for 2-16 players
  • Soilent - no-vehicles map for CTF mode with 2-16 players
  • Trench3 - a map for 2-16 players in Team Domination mode
Techland ensures that for the time of activeness of Chrome MP Demo 2004 all dedicated servers hosted by the developer will use the maps supplied with the demo.

Download the file and join the battlefield!

ChromeDemoMP_1.1.2.0_EN.exe, 188 MB, added on: 2003-11-05 13:44
The multiplayer demo consists of two maps: Battledust2 and Soilent and enables you to try out all the vehicles available in game as well as the various team tactics. The first map - Battledust2 is the Assault gameplay mode: one team has an objective to achieve whilst the second one has to stop them. The second map - Soilent is the Capture the Flag gameplay mode taking place in interesting and challenging terrain.
Download the demo and check out the Chrome multiplayer mode.

ChromeDemoSP_1.1.1.0_EN.exe, 317 MB, added on: 2003-09-11 11:00
The official (FIXED!) English demo version of Chrome uncovering the first level of the game and giving you the oportunity to test some weapons available in the game as well as innovatory implants' system.

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