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Chrome preview on Gamingexcellence. 2003-09-01 12:52
The first thing players will notice once in the game is the incredible depth to the graphics. Trees and shrubs are abundant, as is the attention to detail on all surrounding textures. Nothing in this game seems repetitive; every tree or rock seems to be unique to that particular location, almost as if it were dynamically generated. Players will also notice the seemingly endless field of vision, as backgrounds meld smoothly with the foregrounds...
Chrome site on 3dactionplanet 2003-07-23 00:00
The Chrome Network has officially launched on 3DActionPlanet. It's the best Chrome fan site out there and chock full of information and screenshots so give them a visit!
Chrome preview on 2003-07-21 00:00
Chrome preview 2003-06-13 00:00
To wrap up, Chrome shows a lot of promise as a developing title. It has some very exciting firefights, an innovative redesign of how players think about their character and character development in FPS games, as well as a unique inventory system that will add some strategy to the genre that didn't always exist. The graphics and environmental sounds are fantastic, the models look decent...
Chrome preview on 2003-05-30 00:00
Chrome preview on the Croatian website 2003-05-29 00:00

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