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Chrome Screenshots of the Week on Action Vault 2003-02-20 00:00
Chrome Developer Diary on 2003-02-20 00:00
For two years we have been working on Chrome, a tactical FPS game. Recently we have made considerable changes to the Chrome engine. The most important change was porting the game's engine to Direct 3D.
Chrome Interview on 2003-02-12 00:00
We had a little sit down with Techland designer Paul Bartek and fired off some annoying questions, stole some brand new screens, and got out guns blazing!
Chrome Interview 2003-02-11 00:00
Since our last Chrome interview a year ago, the folks at Poland-based Techland have been somewhat quiet on their plans for their upcoming sci-fi first person shooter. That's beginning to change, however, since the game has been picked for US distribution by Strategy First. (more)
Chrome - The Game You Need to Know About 2002-06-07 00:00
The Cutting the Edge site has prepared a crafty comparison of 10 soon-to-be-released games a real hardcore player should know about. Chrome is of course among them. Don't you think it's the best one to win the "contest"? (more)
GameSpot played Chrome 2002-06-01 00:00
We met with GameSpot's Trey Walker at the E3 show and he had the opportunity to play Chrome. (more)

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